The O Gauge Railroading Primer (3rd Edition) [Paperback]

The O Gauge Railroading Primer (3rd Edition) [Paperback]
The O Gauge Railroading Primer (3rd Edition) [Paperback]... Like New

Your Introduction to the Exciting World of O Gauge Model Railroading

Book Description

This 96 page book is designed especially for the person who is getting back into model railroading after an absence of many years and for the beginner who asks the question: "What should I know about toy trains?" The O Gauge Railroading Primer, is written by George McKelvy and the staff of O Gauge Railroading magazine, and is edited by Allan Miller, formerly of Greenberg Books and Kalmbach Publications, this new edition is a sure winner.

O Gauge Railroading is the original magazine exploring exclusively the O, O-27 (3-rail), and O scale (2-rail) market. Since 1969, OGR has pioneered the toy train market and led the industry in creating many exciting products.

The O Gauge Railroading Primer takes the beginner through a little history, into a basic knowledge of differences between gauges and train sizes, through simple layout design and construction ideas to advanced train operation. Along the way the reader will discover easy-to- follow diagrams, construction plans, and pictures to make the job easier. Comparison of many manufacturers of track, switches, road bed and more allow the reader to choose products that best fit their own unique needs without wasting money. Repair tips on what to do when getting the trains out of storage as well as simple-but-effective hints on scenery and buildings give the beginner time and money saving ideas that are usually learned only after years of experience.

An extensive glossary of over 200 terms used in model and prototype railroading is included. The over 40 track plan drawings and a completely labeled drawing of a steam engine all help the beginner understand the lingo of the pros.

Publication Date: October 2000

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