Narrow Gauge in the Rockies by Lucius Beebe; Charles Clegg

Narrow Gauge in the Rockies by Lucius Beebe; Charles Clegg A... NEW

About the book: 1993 reprint of the classic Beebe and Clegg "Narrow Gauge in the Rockies." The book provides an overview of the six major Rocky Mountain narrow gauge railroads (the Denver & Rio Grande, Otto Mears short lines, the Denver, South Park & Pacific, the Florence & Cripple Creek, the Uintah and the Rio Grande Southern) augmented with a matchless album of photographs by masters such as William H. Jackson, L. C. McClure, Richard Kindig, Gerald Best, Jackson Thode, Jim Shaughnessy, Richard B. Jackson, Otto Perry, John Maxwell, Fred Jukes and with paintings by Howard Fogg and end paper map Frederic Shaw. Photos show steam locomotives in action as well as freight and passenger trains, stations, track facilities and equipment. The photos have detailed captions that paint a vivid portrait of life along the narrow gauge lines, covering topics as varied as wrecks, snow removal, railroad town hotels, the covered turntable at Corkscrew Gulch and the Alamosa depot fire of 1912. Includes scale drawings of a D&RG C-16, the D&RGW parlor-buffet cars Alamosa, Chama and Durango, and of the Rio Grande Southern business car Edna. With maps. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos and several color plates. With decorative end papers showing map of Colorado railroads.

224 pages.

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