High Level Switch Stand Kit .190" Sprung w/Lantern & Target HO/O

High Level Switch Stand Kit .190" Travel Sprung w/Lantern & Targets H/O... some assembly required

Caboose Industries 204S - HO / S High level sprung stand with .190 travel. Sprung ground throws are designed to be connected directly to the turnout due to the internal Stainless Steel springs. And this stand has five different connectors for the different manufactures: Hook end for ATLAS, blade for ROCO, hole for PECO, Small Round pin for Micro Eng. and round pin for SHINOHARA and others.

The operating high level switch stand is patterned after the type used by the Milwaukee Road and many other railroads. The stand is made of Delrin and is supplied with ABS targets.

Look at these features:
* Choice of 5 different end connectors for easy connection to most turnout.
*A connector receptacle on either end of the slide bar permits selective mounting positions for the most favorable handle swing.
*A stop and lock at both ends of the throw. 180 degrees handle rotation turns the target 90 degrees through small gears.
*Six paintable, bondable ABS tarets - including a lantern and square/diamond - select your favorites. Packaged seperately for easy storage until needed. Modeler must assemble.
*Enough .025" dia (#22 wire) rod for an eight foot high target. Cut to your desired length.
*Provisions made so targets can be made to operate from below the table on electrically controlled turnouts. Modeler must fabricate own linkage.

Like our ground throws, the high levels are available either with the rigid or the internally sprung slide bar. In the 204S, internal stainless steel springs will take up the overtravel and maintain tension to hold the points against the stock rails of the turnout. The internal springs make the model 204S easy to mount to any turnout.

Strong, self-lubricating black Delrin ground throws with external cam for strength and maximum throw. Molded on pin for direct mounting. All 100 series (Rigid) stands require modelers to fabricate a spring connecting link between the stand and the turnout. All 200 series units (Sprung) have internal springs so they can be connected directly to the turnout throwbar. Measurements indicate the maximum amount of side-to-side travel when the lever is thrown.

Operating high level switch stand is based on prototypes used by many roads. Working parts are Delrin. Also includes six targets, nonworking lantern and square diamond made of ABS plastic. Manual target can be adapted to work from an electric switch machine (sold separately) below the benchwork. .190" travel. Kits now include a shim to raise the stand to tie level, along with five different fittings for use with most turnouts, including Atlas, Roco, Peco, Micro Engineering and Shinohara.


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