2-6-6-2 Locomotive w/Tender Colorado Mining Co.#48 DCC w/Sd On30

2-6-6-2 Locomotive w/Tender Colorado Mining Co.#48 DCC w/Sd On30
DCC Sound

DCC Sound on Board 2-6-6-2 Articulated Locomotive with Tender

DCC Sound on Board 2-6-6-2 Articulated Locomotive with Tender

Road Name: Colorado Mining Co. #48 with Wood Cab

Product Information

Bachmann Trains sounds off with an extensive line of DCC Sound-equipped Spectrum locomotives. Working closely with SoundTraxx, we're pleased to offer HO, On30 and Large Scale engines equipped with Tsunami sound technology. Using sounds taken from real locomotives, modelers can add a new level of realism to their railroads with a broad palette of prototypical sound effects and DCC functions. Plus, the dual mode decoders work on both DC and DCC layouts automatically. So break the silence on your railroad with our Spectrum DCC Sound On Board locomotives.

Decoder features include:

  • authentic sound effects uniquely appropriate to each model including whistles, bells, chuffs, and air pumps
  • additional sounds include dynamo, injectors, coupler clank, water stop and more
  • three whistles to choose from in each model
  • whistle can be played in real time to create authentic whistle signals
  • high quality 16-bit digital sound
  • advanced motor control features including Load Compensation and Silent Drive to provide smooth, quiet operation
  • supports all recognized programming methods

Price: $575.00

Product Code: 28706

This model performs best on 18" radius curves or greater.

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